Game Iron Man 3: Puzzle

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Iron Man 3: Puzzle

Как играть Iron Man 3: Puzzle

Tony Stark - a brilliant scientist and inventor. He is the son of a wealthy entrepreneur and the heir to a considerable fortune. Thanks to a sharp mind and remarkable abilities in science and technology, Stark creates a huge corporation for the production of weapons. After an accident, he suffers from a wound to the heart and creates cyber armor. So Iron Man is born. In his guise, Tony Stark repeatedly saves the Earth and its population. In the game "Iron Man 3: Puzzle", you can escape a little from routine affairs. You submitted a puzzle - a puzzle. All you need is to rotate the puzzle pieces so that they fit into a full picture. As soon as all the elements are in the correct position, then you will immediately be able to see an exciting shot from the movie of the same name. Then you are waiting for the next level and a new picture. Have a nice game!

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Control of the game: Mouse.

Iron Man 3: Puzzle - отличная игра про Iron Man Games. Вы можете играть бесплатно здесь на Список Игр ру. Игра построена на технологии HTML5 для бесперебойной работы во всех современных браузерах. Нравится ли вам играть в эту игру? Просмотрите другие наши игры в Iron Man Games.