Game Kick Butowski and the Hooligans puzzle

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Kick Butowski and the Hooligans puzzle

Как играть Kick Butowski and the Hooligans puzzle

Kick Buttowski is the biggest extremal of the city of Milobruk. He can not live a day without a new stunt and adrenaline. He is a good fellow. But he has an older brother, Brad. Unlike the youngest, Brad is far from being the kindest person in town. He is very messy and a little silly. He thinks smarter and stronger than Kick Buttowski. He really is stronger, but also because of his age. In short, Bradley is a real bully. One day, he saw classmate Kick Ronaldo and decided to wade. Bradley took the little guy by the collar and began to scare. But Kick noticed it all in time and decided to intervene. Even though he is at war with Ronaldo. In the game "Puzzle Kick Buttowski and the Hooligans", you can put together a puzzle with this "epic moment". To do this, you need to transfer all the details of the puzzle to the field of the game and make them correctly into a complete picture. This game will help you practice your memory and imagination. Have a nice game!

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Control of the game: Mouse.

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