Game Crazy Run by Kick Buttowski

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Crazy Run by Kick Buttowski

Как играть Crazy Run by Kick Buttowski

Every day, the tricks of Kick Buttowski are becoming more extreme and dangerous. Today he uses his mega steep springboard, which he made himself and installed in the backyard. He wants to make an ultra cool and just crazy launch to check the range of his flights. Now, Kick uses not only the angle of descent, but also a mechanism with an elastic band to break up. During the flight, you should try to accelerate in time with the help of a bottle with your favorite aerated daredevils "Cheetah Pant". Having accelerated in time, you will stay longer in the air and naturally this will have a beneficial effect on the length of your stay in the air and the length of the jump. Collect all the stars that you can. They turn into bonus points that can be spent on upgrading vehicles or improving the skills of a young stuntman. Have a nice game!

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Control of the game: Arrow keys. Spacebar - acceleration.

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