Game Ariel's Little Mermaid Kiss

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Ariel's Little Mermaid Kiss

Как играть Ariel's Little Mermaid Kiss

Today you will need to help one couple in love. It will be about the little mermaid Ariel and the prince, the couple loves each other very much and always want to be together. But still, always, someone will be against the relationship of lovers. In the game you will need to help the couple to kiss, until no one sees and can not stop them. In order to start the game, you only need to click on a couple with the mouse and neither begin to kiss. That's just not everything will be so easy, because a couple will be watched by a very angry woman who will stop the couple from kissing. If you see an exclamation mark, then immediately stop the pair of kisses, otherwise they will lose.

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Control of the game: Mouse.

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