Game Haircut for Little Ariel

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Haircut for Little Ariel

Как играть Haircut for Little Ariel

Today you will see a very cute little girl, which you all know very well as an adult and beautiful mermaid Ariel. But now you will have the opportunity to go crazy with little Ariel. Although the little mermaid is small, she still likes to take care of herself in order to be as good as the others. Especially a little Ariel loves to visit hairdressers in which they make beautiful haircuts. In the game your task will be to make a very beautiful haircut for little Ariel. The game will seem very funny to you, because it will have many interesting features. You can not only cut the hair to the desired length, but also shave it with a machine completely, and then increase it again. After the haircut, you need to dress little Ariel so that she is just the perfect baby and always please everyone with her beauty.

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Control of the game: Mouse.

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