Game Ariel at the Doctor

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Ariel at the Doctor

Как играть Ariel at the Doctor

You all know that if you are sick then you should immediately see a doctor. Most of all, little children do not like to go to the doctor, because they are terribly afraid of doctors. Today you will meet with one mermaid who does not like to go to the doctor, and if something is sore, then treat yourself. But all the same trouble happened and Ariel became very sick. Now all hope is only on you, you must give the little mermaid first aid. But first you have to find out what happened to Ariel. The little mermaid suffered from pain in her nose for a very long time and now she is so sick that she needs a doctor. Begin to play, in front of you will be the tools that you should use to treat Ariel's nose. Do everything step by step, first pull out the unnecessary hair from her nose, then apply a series of other procedures, one by one. At this game will be over. Good luck!

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Control of the game: Mouse.

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