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Slither game. io

Как играть Slither game. io

Welcome to the exciting new game based on "Agario". A new browser-based online game with 3D graphics - "Slither. Io" will delight you with a pleasant interface that does not blind or hurt your eyes. A huge plus of "Slyther Io" is that this is a multiplayer game and you can play with dozens of players from all over the world. Your character will be a cute little worm, which will crawl through a dark field among the same worms. But only some worms can hit you with their size. Huge worms will crawl on the field, which will not be so easy to get around. Your main task - to eat small colorful lights. They are scattered throughout the field, or simply remain after the enemies destroyed. The more your worm eats, the longer and more dangerous it becomes for other players. In the lower right corner is a map, thanks to which you can see the most bread places and the number of enemies. You must bypass the enemy worms to avoid destruction. To outwit the rest of the players, try to crawl sideways under the enemy and in a collision it will scatter into small lights. Here it is all a matter of cunning and dexterity. Choose the right strategy and do not even have time to blink an eye, as your worm will become just a giant monster. But remember that an inexperienced player of small size can beat you. You can get into the ring or crawl during a meal under the flank. You should be careful and try to get ahead of the enemy in his actions, so as not to be caught off guard. Also, you can accelerate, but for this you have to lose your length and weight. To accelerate, you should hold down either the right or left mouse button, or the space bar and then your worm will speed up. It is true after this, you will leave behind a train of lights that you ate. Your enemies will not be long in coming and pounce on the food left behind. That is why you need to urgently eat to recover. You can share the game in social networks. After the first game you will be available to various skins. You can choose any worm you like - from multicolored to skeletal and flag colors of all countries of the world. Have a nice game!

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Control of the game: Mouse - control Hold down the left mouse button - to accelerate Watch the video review of the game Slyer. and about!

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