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Как играть

"" is a multiplayer browser game where players from around the globe will be your opponents. This game will be a real surprise for fans of games such as,, and other games with the participation of worms. Here, you will meet again with your favorite worms, who arrange real battles on the playing field. Before you start the game you need to enter your nickname and choose a skin for your worm. From the outset, you will be available eighteen beautiful and bright skins. Even in spite of the fact that our worms are evil, they still look very pretty. To take a more aggressive skin you need to fulfill the conditions that are spelled out in game blocks. After completing all the tasks, you can get extra paws and scales. Also, in the game menu you can choose the size of the game room: small, medium or large. You can make a choice of any size at your discretion. So, as soon as you find yourself on the field, immediately keep your ears open. To defeat the enemy you need to adjust everything so that he himself crashed into you. For this, you can take advantage of acceleration. Just remember that when accelerating, your worm will lose its mass. During maneuvers, be careful, because your pet can also be cut and destroyed, regardless of the size of your worm and the mass. As long as your pet is small, you can feed it with multi-colored grains and they will help it to get stronger and grow a little. Also, watch other players and try to pick up the maximum amount of experience that remains after the death of the worms. To climb to the top of the top of the sheet you have to try hard. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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Control of the game: - movement  - acceleration - отличная игра про io Games. Вы можете играть бесплатно здесь на Список Игр ру. Игра построена на технологии HTML5 для бесперебойной работы во всех современных браузерах. Нравится ли вам играть в эту игру? Просмотрите другие наши игры в io Games.