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We invite you to play the new multiplayer browser game "". "" is a multiplayer game where gamers from any continent and country of the world will play as your rivals. To start the game you need to enter your nickname and choose a character. At first access will be open only for the standard skin. To open other skins, you must share on social networks and subscribe to the specified channel. A few clicks and together the usual skin with a sword at your disposal will be a curly man, a green thug with a studded club or a sphinx with a copy. So, make your choice and forward to the battlefield. How, you see, there are always battles in full swing here! Every second you have to be on line to not fall under the enemy sword. Opponents will try to take you by surprise and attack with overclocking, so you should be as attentive as possible. Try to kill as many enemies as possible and increase your experience. As your experience increases, your weapon will increase. So you will be much easier to kill enemies. In addition to opponents on the field will run the goal. You can attack her infinite amount and she will throw you colorful grains, which, too, will enhance the experience. But that's not all. Be careful and beware of green drops. If you stumble upon them, they will slow you down for a short time, but it can stand you living. Show yourself to everyone who is a real warrior here. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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Control of the game: - movement or - attack or - acceleration - отличная игра про io Games. Вы можете играть бесплатно здесь на Список Игр ру. Игра построена на технологии HTML5 для бесперебойной работы во всех современных браузерах. Нравится ли вам играть в эту игру? Просмотрите другие наши игры в io Games.