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Как играть game is a brand new multiplayer online game from the io genre that is gaining popularity very quickly. The game is based on the survival and pumping of his hero, who has a round torso and a pair of round fists. The main task is to pump the hero in order to make him strong, fast and dangerous. Killing other players will increase your level. To increase the level you need experience that you can earn by killing monsters, players and collecting small balls on the floor. When you reach each new level, you can select one of the abilities and pump it. For pumping available only 9 abilities, such as: life reserve, armor, damage, movement speed and others. You can make your fighter strong, big, fast, or pump all the features a little. Each player makes his fighter unique. Someone shakes big fists, and someone makes a player big. In upgrading each ability has its advantages. The main indicators of your fighter is the stock of life and energy that is required for striking. To achieve a certain high level, you can move to another game zone, where you have to fight against high-level players and big monsters. Play and become the strongest, fastest and invincible warrior with big and dangerous fists. Good luck!

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Control of the game:  - management  - attack  - block Keys,,,,,,,,, - quick add skills Skill leveling: Max health - maximum life Armor - armor Regeneration - the restoration of life Attack Damage - Impact Damage Armor Penetration- armor penetration Attack Speed ​​- attack speed Movement Speed Energy Regeneration - energy recovery rate Life Stealing - Life Theft game - отличная игра про io Games. Вы можете играть бесплатно здесь на Список Игр ру. Игра построена на технологии HTML5 для бесперебойной работы во всех современных браузерах. Нравится ли вам играть в эту игру? Просмотрите другие наши игры в io Games.