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Как играть

Welcome to "". - "" is a browser-based multiplayer game where people from another corner of the planet can become your rival and opponent. Now spinners scored just wild popularity. Despite the simplicity of this toy, it gained millions of fans around the globe, and also became the main boom of this year. In this multiplayer game you have to play a small spinner. At first he practically does not rotate. To start the rotation mechanism you need to collect colorful rings, which will serve as a starting engine for our baby. That's just not so simple. you have to constantly eat, otherwise the spinner will begin to slow down and stop spinning altogether. Also, be careful and avoid other players that are larger than you in size and speed. Collisions with such an opponent will destroy you. But the players are smaller and weaker waiting for a sad fate. You must catch up with them and try, or fly at him, or shoot a little ring. Also, the game has boosters. In a difficult moment, they can become extremely useful and save you from a big and formidable pursuer. Have a nice game!

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Control of the game:  - motion  - shoot - отличная игра про io Games. Вы можете играть бесплатно здесь на Список Игр ру. Игра построена на технологии HTML5 для бесперебойной работы во всех современных браузерах. Нравится ли вам играть в эту игру? Просмотрите другие наши игры в io Games.