Game Normal Cartoon: Normal Game

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Normal Cartoon: Normal Game

Как играть Normal Cartoon: Normal Game

Now you have to "Normal Game". Despite this name, the game will be not very ordinary and very interesting. It consists of three mini-games: "Do It Hurt", "Escape from the Moon" and "Destroy the Destroyer." You can start from any game. In the game "Make It Hurt", our beloved crooks came up with a very strange entertainment. They threw a doll - a wrestler on the floor, and themselves pulled out a trampoline and climbed up on the nightstand. What will happen next is not difficult to guess. Mordekai will throw Rigby on the trampoline, so that he can reach the wrestler and hit him. The harder the hit, the more points. In the game "Escape from the Moon", you will escape from the moon monster by a golf car. Above all, jump over craters and moon boulders. But in the game "Destroy the Destroyer", Mordekaю and Rigby will have to destroy the evil Destroyer of Worlds. He has a very terrifying appearance: only one huge head with red skin, no body, eyes full of hatred and complete the image of the horns, like a demon. You need to destroy him so that he does not destroy the Earth. You will shoot him alternately from two sides. That Rigby will aim at him, then Mordekai. Have a nice game!

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