Game Common Cartoon: Cupcakes of Doom

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Common Cartoon: Cupcakes of Doom

Как играть Common Cartoon: Cupcakes of Doom

In the game "Normal Cartoon: Cupcakes of Destiny", you will find an incredible adventure. Mordekai and Rigby found an old recipe for cupcakes in the cookbook and, despite the fact that the recipe was a bit extraordinary, they were prepared. As it turned out, the cupcakes turned out not quite unusual, but very tasty. They attracted the Wardens, but Klorgbane the Destroyer cursed them and they became obsessed. Now you need to catch and teach Klorgbane. Mordecay and Rigby arm themselves with the fists of Justice, sit on Skips and set off in pursuit. On the way, you need to collect as many coins and bonuses as possible. there will be a lot of bonuses along the way: sandwich - health; hours - extra time; boots - super speed; fists - double blow. On the way, you will be attacked by obsessed Guards. Beat them, sparing no effort, and hurry to catch Clogbane. Good luck!

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