Game Common Cartoon: Rigby the Rider

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Common Cartoon: Rigby the Rider

Как играть Common Cartoon: Rigby the Rider

Well, Rigby doesn't live peacefully. Today, he and Masl Men have come up with a completely unimaginable idea. Rigby saddled Masl Men and the heat went up. In the game "Normal Cartoon: Rigby - Rider", you still expect the trip! Cries of raccoon, sound effects and stimulating music will give you adrenaline. You will ride astride the Oil Mene through an abandoned dump, continually bumping into various objects: refrigerators, boxes, gas cylinders, pipes and other old trash. Oil Man can ram all forehead without harm, but you have to jump all things, otherwise no health is enough. Using the mouse, you can do ordinary and double jumps. To cross the pipe, you need to hang on the side of Oil Mena by pressing the spacebar. Collect multicolored cards and you can get bonuses: increase energy, super jump or deadly guitar. But to replenish the reserve of bonus points you just need to collect tin cans all the way. Good luck!

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