Game Mr. Bean: Begalka

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Mr. Bean: Begalka

Как играть Mr. Bean: Begalka

Attention! In front of you is the funniest runner from all the runners in the cartoon world - Mr. Bean plays the main role. And his task is to escape from the evil aunt, who, despite her clumsiness and the stick, without which she cannot walk, the runner is still the same. And to catch up with Mr. Bean, she yearns even more than to wash her false teeth. The old woman has finished Binah, he is forced to run away from her, and all because of his random mischief. Your task is to help Mr. Bean to run away from her and become the champion of this runner. Be careful - on the way there will be abysses and other troubles that Bina should be teasing, otherwise he will lose faster than the old woman will catch him in his arms.

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Here is the online game. Mr. Bean: Runaway, you can play it for free and right now. Control of the game: Mouse - jump.

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